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It’s funny how your meet people – or actually “re-meet” people…. Back in September I was shooting a Christening and when I arrived I saw a couple with a baby (but knew this wasn’t my client as they had a little girl, and this couple had a little boy).  As I walked closer I heard “Clarky!” and I was totally caught unaware, I wasn’t expecting anyone to know me at this Christening…. anyway to cut a long story short, it was Misha who I used to work with in a law firm, and his lovely wife and their little boy.  After the Christening, Misha asked if I could do a Christmas family shoot for them, which I couldn’t have been happier!

So on one very hot Saturday afternoon I meet Misha, Rachel and their gorgeous little boy and we started their session (in air con – thank you Misha!).. Misha’s only request was if we could do a “Royal Family” Christmas theme – and this is what we came up with….

With Every Heartbeat Family PortraitsMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0023AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0028AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0034BMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0048AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0051AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0073AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0080AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0082AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0083AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0089AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0095AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0101bMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0129BMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0131AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0139AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0144BMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0154AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0156aMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0158BMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0197AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0211AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0214AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0218BMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0222AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0227AMisha_Rachel_Nicholas_Xmas_0273B

I love these images, especially the black and white ones!  Thank you again Misha and Rachel for letting me into your home and capturing your beautiful family – and I can’t wait until we do that winter shoot we discussed too!!!   Have a happy new year!!

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