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2019 has been an incredible year of learning, laughing, having fun and working my butt off!! When I’m not working part time in a law firm, shooting weddings and doing family portraits for my regular clients, or spending time with my family (my kids have just turned 18 and 14 and hubby has turned 50) – I’m actually a Personal Branding Photographer, helping clients to Grow Your Business  |  Stand out from the Competition and Telling Your Personal Brand Stories!!!

Earlier this year I started offering Personal Branding Shoots after being mentored by two amazing American photographers and well I absolutely love them and my branding clients! Most of my clients are females (but males are definitely welcome for these sessions too) and I seriously enjoy spending time with my clients to discuss their needs and to help them with their social media and website images! You need to be SOCIAL and you need UPDATED IMAGES to post frequently. You need to Show the REAL YOU and ENGAGE with your IDEAL CLIENTS.

What I love the most about my clients is that they generally know what direction they want to go and who is their ideal client, they just need a hand with images, and together we come up with some with pretty good ideas. We facetime or Zoom or talk on the phone, go over a Discovery Questionnaire and the Planning Guide, discuss locations and outfits and much much more!

Anyway enough chatting, lets see those images!!

Jessica Osborn, Marketing Coach for Small Businesses with big Goals!!

Right from the start Jessica knew where she wanted to go and what her goals were and I think she hit them out of the ballpark this year!! Jess’s brand story summary was: For professional women who have their own service businesses. Working from home, running most of it themselves, using some contractors. Supporting women who want to build a business that supports their lifestyle. Her clients have kids, work from home, are coffee drinkers, wine drinkers and wearing too many hats. Jess wanted natural and flattering images that showed her personality.

Jennine – Florabella Design

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked alongside Jennine from Florabella Design in the wedding industry over the past 10 years and when Jennine contacted me to do her Personal Branding Photo Shoot to show a different side of her business, I was ecstatic!! Besides weddings, functions and funerals, Jennine is extremely talented and creative with making original / custom designed Formal Corsages and Button Holes for Senior students attending their Year 12 formals.

We discussed what Jennine wished to achieve and headed to the markets to choose some stunning flowers and then went back to Jennine’s home / studio to create some beautiful corsages and images!!

Karen & Stephen – Personal Trainers

Karen and Stephen have been building their personal training business and booked in for a 3 hour session at their local gym with their wonderful clients, to make their website and social pages look so much more professional! They provide customised online coaching, training, nutrition and mindset programs. They’re definitely a super fit couple who are great to train with!!

Lauren – Actor │ Presenter │ Speaker | Writer | Storyteller | Demolition Girl | Mum to 6 | Wife

It’s all happening for this amazing woman!! I’ve known Lauren for over 10 years now and she doesn’t know how to sit still (in a nice way). She has started shooting her own web series for kids. She is starting a raw, keeping it real, Mum blog focused on life, the ups and downs but as it is, no glitz, no glamour, no perfect hair or make up, no fake. She is doing her final research and interviews for a self-help guide for IVF and Surrogacy. And Lauren is launching her new website soon. Lauren is keeping true to herself, a Mum of 6, still pursuing her acting and presenting career and can be found on the demolition site every other day. So as you can see Lauren has a LOT going on and we managed a session to get some images for her website / blog a little while ago. She also had one of her little adorable assistants with her too!

Emma D – Studying to be a Lawyer

Emma needed some new images for her Linked In Profile – and she wanted them to look young, fun and professional. We did this session in Emma’s 1 hour lunch break!

Renee Wilkins – Civil Celebrant

Renee’s 3 personal branding words are: Unique, Personable and Refreshing (I love this), with her overall feel/vibe as Glamorous, Professional and Fun! Renee loves nothing more than meeting new people (brides and grooms), she loves hearing their story and how she can capture this and share it with their much loved family and friends. Her ideal couple is someone that appreciates excellent customer service, and she strives to actually exceed their expectations. Before becoming a celebrant Renee used to be an event manager in 5 star hotels so she understands the general organisation and planning of a wedding to the delivery itself. Renee also has a career in the pharmaceutical industry in marketing , so you know she can read any situation. Renee is definitely one celebrant who is stepping up the game in looking glamorous and professional at weddings!!!

Sheeling – Calligrapher from Xue Calligraphy

Sheeling is passionate about art, calligraphy and nature.
She loves anything health and wellness related, hence she’s also a Yoga teacher. Sometimes, Sheeling finds that practicing yoga or writing calligraphy falls into the same therapeutic sense for her. It requires a calm mind and a semi focused mind. She loves working with couples to personalise their wedding stationery for their special day. It’s not merely about writing that perfect place card / escort card but to help them discover their unique love story. Sheeling loves designing wedding invitations with that heirloom element of keepsake that they can so coyly share with their love ones. Sheeling’s work is Artist, Intricate and Timeless

We also did a Yoga Branding photoshoot for Sheeling which was great fun!!

Sarah-Jane Wicks – Happy Cake Day!

Sarah-Jane is another amazing client who I have known for years through the wedding industry! (She even made my incredible 40th birthday cake and our daughter’s beautiful 18th birthday cake – and these cakes were delicious and stunning!) Sarah provides exceptional last minute cakes to people who want to send something sweet rather than flowers. She provides an alternative that will be memorable. That will surprise and delight the recipient. She provides consistency, quality and a superior product as a result of her many years as a chef and working in the service industry. Sarah’s branding words are Exciting, delicious and surprising. Sarah wanted her images to convey the excitement and delight of the gift of cake, showing how pleased people are to receive cake. I want the images to make the clients want to lick their screen and be eager to buy or end someone a cake! These cakes are delivered to your work, or home – so go check them out!!

Amanda Appleby Hairdresser

Amanda was referred to me for a personal branding shoot through a wonderful newborn photographer friend (thanks Kell).
Hairdressers are so easy to work with. The talk to people all day and after 5 minutes I felt like I knew Amanda for ever!! Amanda has recently been doing a hair business social media course through Melbourne Hair Blogger ( and another mentor who Amanda follows is, both who highly recommend hairdressers actually get in their photos, so their clients can learn more about them! Amanda wanted to gain some social media and website images, so she could show up more on her pages. Yes I love this!!! I’m so looking forward to what we can create in our next session!!!

And I guess since personal branding is all about being personal – I stepped out of my comfort zone and got in front of the camera! Thank you to my wonderful friend Mel for these images earlier this year.

I was also asked to be a guest speaker at “The Wedding Industry Supplier Networking Events” at the North Lakes Hotel, talking about Personal Branding Photography! Lucky for me it was a lovely intimate group of wonderful wedding vendors, since this was my first public speaking gig. Thank you Sharon from @driftwoodbluefloral for believing in me and asking me to speak and thank you to the other lovely weddings vendors who came along.

Oh and I also updated and refurnished our studio for my wedding and personal branding clients, so if you come and visit me, you’ll be seeing this space which I just love! Thank you so much to the lovely Deb Walker from Eclectic Style to help me style this wonderful space! (Deb and our pet dog Harvey appear in these images.

Thank you for being a part of my pretty amazing 2019 year!! Thank you to all of my incredible clients who loved their photo shoots. Yes they may have felt a bit nervous before the shoot, but as you’ll see from my testimonials, people relax and feel comfortable very soon after the shoot starts.

“The experience with Lisa from With Every Heartbeat Photography was nothing short of amazing. I said to Lisa prior to our session that I would be a “difficult subject” – as I am not comfortable being photographed, and any images that I did have I was never happy with – but she blew me away with how she put me totally at ease and how she managed to capture me “in my world of flowers” – my happy place”. Jennine – Florabella Design

Need to make your business more visible? Then I highly recommend booking in for a personal branding photo session with me. We spend a lot of time discussing who your ideal clients are, who you would like to attract to your business. Besides your business we also discuss who you are beyond your job title, and who you are at the core of your heart – because this is about your personal branding!!! Lets do this in 2020!! Email me –

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