Why book Lisa?

I have over 10 years’ experience shooting weddings and family portraits.

When you book Lisa – you get Lisa!  It is a simple as that!

I love what I do!   I love the people I meet, I love the romance of a wedding, and I love watching the dynamics of everyone at the wedding and of course families!

I’m easy going and flexible.

You get personalised service with me.  I meet you at the start – our first consultation, we chat on email, over the phone and catch up 3 weeks before your wedding – so that way I get to know YOU and you get to know ME.  I pride myself in giving you the best service and I communicate well.

You know my style.  You’ve seen my website, blog, facebook posts and instagram.  You like my style, and my personality and that’s why you chose ME.

I’m not going to send an associate or a stranger to your wedding to capture one of the most important days of your life.  (Mind you, if I did have to send someone else it would be because I was extremely unwell in hospital or on my death bed)!

I don’t accidently double book weddings and then find another photographer to fill in for me.  It doesn’t work like that with me.

Weddings are so personal and I believe, as a photographer, you need to know all of the ins and outs of the wedding day, the family dynamics.  Imagine another photographer turning up who didn’t realise your parents were separated and can’t stand to be in the same room together – and then that photographer is trying to get your parents as close together as possible!  Awkward!

When other photographers hand over their weddings to their associate (or another fill in photographer), they can leave out details.

I will know where you are getting ready, what room number (if you’re in a hotel), I will know the bride and groom’s contact numbers (and possibly the bridesmaids/groomsmen’s numbers) – just in case I need to call you for some reason.

I will know who the celebrant and videographers are and I would have dropped them a friendly “Hi I can’t wait to work with you on Saturday” email.

I will know how many guests are at your wedding, and if there’s one particular guest who is super important to you, I will capture a moment with them.

I will know your locations for your photo shoots.  I may not have shot there already, but I would have google mapped it and researched images to see the area (especially if it’s a destination wedding).

Most importantly, I will help you to RELAX.  We’ve met, I’m not a stranger, we’ve laughed and cried in the studio when you saw my slideshows.  I will be like a friend turning up to your wedding, calming those wedding day nerves and capturing you comfortably and candidly.  A friendly face and I help keep everyone running on time.

And then I will come home and download your images, and safely back them up onto external hard drives.   I will personally edit your beautiful wedding (or family shoot).  I get to relive your day whilst I’m doing that, and I know exactly what happened at what time.  And then I will design your album, telling the story of your day, creating your precious memories.

So please brides and grooms, when you are considering your photographer for this special moment, please ask if the photographer you are booking, is the one who will be turning up on your day!  It’s important.  You can’t recreate your wedding again.

And this is why you should choose me.