Bridal Registries

I was chatting to a bride the other day about Bridal Registries (and if people still use them, and do guests still buy from them?).

We said they were great if the bride and groom didn’t live together before their wedding (or maybe at least one of them still lived at home and needed a lot of housey items), but what if you already do live together and have practically everything??   Wishing wells seems to be pretty popular at weddings also – with a lot of people just requesting some money so they can buy whatever they require for their home.

So it got me thinking, there must be other types of registries besides for the home??  And there are!

But the one that caught my eye (of course) was the Travel Registry!!  Perfect for your honeymoon where your guests can contribute to your honeymoon or holiday instead of buying you gifts that perhaps you don’t need.

Have a look at their website and let me know what you think??   I’m sure brides and grooms would be relieved to receive donations towards their honeymoon or maybe even an upgrade to their accommodation!

Travel Registry have a free version, but you would get your money’s worth with paying the AUD$79.00.

Now you can start your travel registry and plan that honeymoon you’ve always wanted!!







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