Shoot for Two?? Five Great Benefits to Having an E-Shoot

Do I need to have an engagement shoot?

Well, why not??  Here’s 5 great benefits to having an e-shoot:

1.  It’s a great way to feel comfortable with your photographer.  Lets face it, no one really feels comfortable in front of the camera (unless you’re a supermodel or a funny 3 year old) – so lets catch up and I’ll help you have fun and also relax.

2.  It’s perfect practice for your wedding day!  How often do you get to spend an hour of being really close, hugging, kissing and laughing with your amazing other half (and in front of people) – so start with me at the e-shoot, and your wedding will be a breeze!  A perfect way to de-stress and forget about the wedding plans

3.  We can find an amazing location!  Somewhere that is meaningful to you, or somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to – why not explore and see what we can find (see I’m a bit of a travel freak and I’m up for awesome places!!)

4.  You’ll receive some amazing images of your time together!  Use them on your Save the Dates, create a guest sign-in book or frame, incorporate them on your wedding website, placing them around your reception or cocktail area in frames or even as a large canvas…the list goes on!  Get creative! and

5.  Instead of just having a photographer taking your photographs, you will have a ‘friend’ at your wedding taking your photographs. As a professional photographer I will take time to better understand my clients and what you love, your hobbies and interests.   Lets talk!!!

And another great tip for the bride is – book your engagement shoot, just after you’ve had your hair and make up trial – you will be feeling amazing and you’ll be so excited to have your photos taken!!


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