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As some of you may know I LOVE to travel!!  Lately I’ve been dreaming of what my next destination is going to be!

I was bitten by the travel bug at the age of 17 when I was lucky enough to travel to the USA and Canada on a High School Volleyball and Soccer tournament.   This was the start of it!  I had never been in a plane before, and travelling with school friends who were aged 15-17 was an experience I will never forget!

I then did a 10 day cruise when I was about 19 with some girlfriends around the South Pacific Islands.

When was 22 I travelled alone to Europe and the UK. The amazing part of about travelling solo, is that you get to meet so many amazing and wonderful friends, some whom I’m still friends many years later.

My husband and I travelled to Bali when I was about 24 (where I was nearly locked up because I couldn’t find my boarding pass – but that’s another story), and we honeymooned on the Island of Langkawi in Malaysia when I was 27 – don’t ask about the Typhoon!!.   Then our international travelling slowed down a little bit when we had our two beautiful children, although we did plenty of trips to Melbourne visiting family and friends and we’d happily go camping on the beach or in the bush.

But since 2011 I’ve been lucky enough to start travelling again with my first trip back to the USA, attending the WPPI Photography Conference is Las Vegas).  I’ve been fortunate enough to do this three times now.  I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to New York (which is the City that Never Sleeps) and this year I made it to San Francisco also (I could move to this city tomorrow)!   These trips have also been “Girl Trips” where I travel with fantastic female photographers…leaving Ben and our two children behind at home (much to their disgust!)  Oh don’t worry, Ben is also a wedding photographer and he gets to go on the “Boy trips” too on alternating years :O)  And everyone is happy (well maybe not the kids)..

Don’t get me wrong, I also travel with my family.  In 2013 we did our first overseas family holiday to New Zealand in a campervan in winter time, and then in 2014 we visited Fiji for a week of R and R as well as a week in Sydney.  This year we’ve had two “local” family holidays to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays and a week in Melbourne (we just love this city too)!!

So here are some of my images from my travels – mostly since 2011 in the USA, and some from New Zealand and Fiji.  And I’m up to any suggestions of where my next trip should be (although I know I’d like to visit the Maldives before they disappear!)…  And I’d be more than happy to shoot a Destination Wedding somewhere too – “capturing your story and wanderlust spirit”  .Feel free to contact me about my destination wedding packages..

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