Brisbane Wedding Photographer – Wedding Season is in the Air

Spring has arrived and wedding season is in the air!

Couples are busy finalising their plans, checking guest lists and ensuring that things will go smoothly on their special day.  Each detail is checked and re-checked time and time again, as they strive for the “perfect” wedding.

It is fine to plan and to have every detail in place, however couples have to understand that things can go wrong as the day approaches.  Even on the wedding day, some things can go wrong or not as expected.  (Our wedding car got a flat battery – so what did we do??  We laughed about it and got more photos taken.   What did the guests do?  They drank all our alcohol at the reception and didn’t even realise we were late back!!!!    (I’m not saying this will happen to you, but hey we didn’t know it was going to happen to us)!

But it’s actually how the couple reacts that makes the difference.  Yes it is nice to have the “perfect” wedding – but what is a perfect wedding anyway?  Personally to me, at the end of the day, as long as you marry your loved one, nothing can be more perfect than that!

Panicking over the little things that pop up takes away from the special day and leads to unnecessary stress.  Step back and realise that there are people around you, who can deal with these things for you.

Yes wedding season is in the air.  Enjoy the ride, have fun and dump the stress.  This is your special day.


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